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Guide to Grafham Climbing Club Trips

Grafham Climbing Club trips and events are open to all current members. We hope that the following information will help to alleviate any apprehension and give you a better idea of what to expect so you can come fully prepared. Trips are subject to weather conditions, and maybe cancelled if the weather is unsuitable. Please feel free to talk to any member of the committee if you have any questions ahead of a trip.


Trip length and accommodation

Trips may vary from one day, to extended weekend trips, with members able to come and go as they please. Some will include camping, staying in a bunkhouse, hut or hostel. If camping, members should bring camping equipment such as tent, sleeping bag and a carry mat. If staying in a bunkhouse you will only need sleeping bag and pillow. There are no guarantees for single sex rooms or toilet facilities but we will do our best.


What to take

The British weather can be fickle and change quickly and without warning. Some of our trips will be over an hours walk from the car so it's important to come prepared for a full day in the hills in variable conditions. Approach shoes or walking boots are helpful on long walk-ins and waterproof jackets and trousers are a must, so is warm clothing such as an insulated jacket. Even on the sunniest of days crags can often be very exposed and belaying can get cold.


Bring along any climbing equipment that you have, the most important items being a harness, helmet and climbing shoes. If you wish to hire any equipment such as a helmet or harness from Grafham Water Centre please contact one of the committee members.

Don't forget to bring food and water for the day and consider there are no toilets. We are supporters of the 'leave no trace' principles so be prepared to take away all waste with you. 



Transport is not provided and should be organised by individuals. Members often car share with the cost of petrol being split at the drivers’ discretion. This is often organised on social media, such as the club Facebook group, or at club nights. If transport is a problem for anyone please talk to a committee member as there is often someone who has space.



The club does not operate as a training organisation and any help or advice given is informal. As far as possible the club will try to maximise the enjoyment of every member no matter what their level of experience. We will always try to have a fair ratio of beginner to experienced climbers on a trip, we are a supportive club and try to encourage and bring on the skills of climbers of all levels. If a trip will be more suited to more or less experienced climbers it will be advertised as such. Under 18s are welcome on trips, but must be accompanied by a parent or an adult acting in loco parentis.


For information on the next Grafham Climbing club trip, please see events or contact us for more details.

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